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Before Care

Please read my polices before booking an appointment to ensure you are the right candidate for permanent makeup.

4 weeks Before Please stop use of:

  • Tanning

  • Laser Treatments

  • Antibiotics

  • Botox

  • Lash Serum(Latisse)

  • Anti-Aging (retinol)

  • Chemical Peels

  • Surgery ​​

  • Dermal Fillers

2 weeks Before:

  • No waxing

  • Tinting of brow hair

  • Spray Tan

No Lash Fillers​

Discontinue use of blood thinning medications, ibuprofen, NSAIDs, aspirin  72 hours prior unless absolutely needed.

No alcohol or caffeine day of treatment 

Makeup & Tulips


Optimizing your results 

Eyeliner Aftercare

No sweating for the first 7 days please!

Sleep Elevated to prevent swelling the first 2-3 days.  
Swelling is completely normal some swell worse than others. Itchiness, it’s going to itch like crazy Do Not Pick!  You will lose pigment if you itch or pick.  
Wash with warm water day and night.  Don’t rub dry, pat gently with paper towel or tissue. 
No ointment, dry healing is preffered.

No mascara or eye makeup first 7-10 days.

Use new mascara and eyeliner after, don’t use what you used prior.

Eyebrow and Lip Aftercare

Only Blot with a tissue if there is any excess fluid. 
Wash with cleanser(very light cleanser not with a lot of chemicals) 

Apply aftercare ointment every morning and night for 7-10 days.  Very small amount is enough, you don’t want to put it on too heavy the area still needs to breathe.  
Please avoid the following until healing is complete(7-14 days)

Hot tubs, pools, steam rooms

Direct sunlight and tanning beds. Please wear sunblock if going outside and wear a hat.  The sun can affect the healing.  
Sweaty activities avoid them :)

Please Please do not rub or scratch or pick at the area.  I know it’s really hard not to but I promise you it will take pigment off the area and will heal incomplete and could cause infection.
When healing it can look patchy or may even look like it’s disappeared.  It’s a part of the healing process and can take a few weeks for healed results to occur.  
The second session we can address if there is loss of pigment or you want to make some minor changes.  
Consult a physician if there is any symptoms of infection such as fever, swelling, redness or drainage.  
Beauty takes time remember this ladies, it’s all worth it! This is all a process but if you follow the before and aftercare it will help tremendously!

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