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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup


 Before you make the decision to get permanent makeup, be certain you are the right candidate.

I do not work on clients with the following conditions: 

***Had laser removal on their eyebrows

***Are pregnant

***Under the age of 18

***On accutane(must be off for a year)

***On Prednisone or any steroids must be off for 4 weeks

***Have eyebrow hair transplants

***No eyelash extensions can be in if you’re getting permanent eyeliner.

***Antibiotics you need to be off them 4 weeks prior to appointment.

***Chemical Peel- you need to wait 4 weeks before getting any procedure done.

***Hepatitis A, B,C

*** Thin, vascular skin

***Eczema or Acute Seborrheic Dermatitis in or around the area chronicle shedding irritation redness bumps or flaking around the eyebrow area.

*** If you have epilepsy, hemophilia or heart disease make sure you have approval from your physician.

***Diabetes Type 1 and 2 

*** If you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs/medications(Valium or benzodiazepines) you will be cancelled and will have to pay to reschedule the appointment.  
Any type of organ transplant that requires anti-rejection medications.

*** If you’re prone to cold/canker sores make sure to call your doctor to get on medication 5 days prior to lip pigmentation/lip blush to prevent outbreaks.

*** Fertility treatments(must be off medication 3-4 months before appointment.

Fitzpatrick skin types 1-2
**Red Heads, Blondes, fair completion** 

-After the procedure you will be red and will swell more than other skin types.  
Fitzpatrick skin types 3-6

**Tan, brown, and dark skin hair strokes will not be as prominent as lighter skin types.

*If you are using any retinol creams, anti-aging creams, lash serums of any kind please stop use 4 weeks prior to your appointment.  
*Botox- must be off 4-6 weeks

*Thyroid/Graves disease can cause pigment to not retain properly.  Additional sessions may be necessary for eyeliner.  An additional charge for each additional session excluding the first 2 sessions.

* Alopecia (due to change in skin) not all types of Alopecia clients are candidates for hair strokes.

*** No sun 7 days before appointment and 30 days after if possible.

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